Get Creative this Easter With Our DIY Waxed Wrap Kits!

With the Easter holidays upon us and the need to keep the little ones entertained. It is time to think outside of the box and give them something that they won’t forget as they can use them around the house and in their school lunch box.


What they need is one of Natural Wraps DIY kits!


Our DIY Waxed wrap kits are available in our unique beeswax or vegan wax wrap mixtures. The kit comes in a lovely storage box and has everything you need to create your very own waxed food storage wraps.

In the kit, you will get 3 sheets of cotton which have been cut in the size of our triple pack. This means you will have one small (20cm x 18cm) piece, one medium (25cm x 25cm) piece and one large (33cm x 33cm) piece. You will also receive 60 grams of either our beeswax or vegan wax wrap mixture for coating the cotton.


The kit also includes 2 pieces of parchment paper and a wooden bristle brush to help apply the wax to the wrap.


The kit comes with full step by step instructions making it easy for you to make food storage wraps.

As the kit does need the use of heat to melt the wax, we always recommend doing this as a fun family activity that you can supervise.


Order now to receive it in time for easter!


Beeswax Wrap DIY Kit


Vegan Wax Wraps DIY Kit