Give Your Wraps A New Life With Our Wax Wrap Refresher Kits

When we looked at offering a way to let your wraps last longer. We thought about just offering the blocks of our fantastic wax mixture. After much deliberating and testing we decided to offer a kit. The kit would be aimed at making it easier for you to refresh your wraps.


The problem that we noticed when offering just the block is that you would grate and then melt the wax with an iron. This is difficult as the wax blocks are extremely sticky making grating the blocks quite a task. The alternative was to melt the wax bock in a spare jar and then use the melted wax to give your wrap a new coating of wax. The problem with this approach is that if we were just supplying the wax blocks, you would need to use something to get the wax from the jar to the wrap.


Once we had discovered all the possible issues, we got to work on making our wax refresher kit. The kit comes in a lovely 100% cotton carry/storage bag. In the bag, you get 30 grams of wax blocks and one of our all-natural paintbrushes. This combo allows you to melt the wax and then use the brush to cover the wrap in the wax. This saves you having to use anything in your kitchen and then getting it covered in wax.


Our wax refresher kits are available in both our beeswax and vegan wax. This means that no matter the wrap or wax you got. Your wrap can be refreshed to make it last even longer.


If your wrap is in need of some TLC, you can get a wax wrap refresher kit below:


Beeswax – Click Here


Vegan - Click Here