Its time to switch to Unpaper Towels

It has been several months since we launched our Unpaper towels with them becoming more and more popular. They have been delivered to happy customer all over the UK and even to the US!
We love the support that everyone has given to our fight to reduce the use of yucky plastic and single use products. We have several new ideas in the works so stay tuned for that, but this blog is about our Unpaper Towels. So, we will break it up into section:

What are They?
Unpaper Towels are a 100% reusable alternative to paper towels. They are made from off cuts of cotton that would have otherwise been incinerated. They are 25cm x 25cm making them the perfect size for hands and easy to store. The Unpaper Towels are supplied in packs of 6 with various patterns on the back.

How to Use?
They are designed to be used like a paper towel. This means they will clean up spills, dry and clean hands and fingers. They are machine washable up to 60 degrees and tumble dryer safe. So once dirty just pop them in the wash!
We do advise that you don’t use fabric softener when washing as it will stop the towel being as absorbent.

Why are they so eco?
Well according to Statista the UK alone used over 1.1 million tons of tissue paper in 2016 and it continued its growth in 2017. The other issue that we have is many people think that dirty kitchen roll is still recyclable this is not the case according to This is Eco kitchen towels and tissue paper don’t tend to be recyclable along with other items such as Take-away Coffee Cups, Books & Wrapping paper.
This means that if you put these out to be recycled it can cause a whole batch of products that were recyclable to be tarnished.
The reason why Unpaper Towels were created was to reduce the use of single use paper towels but to make them even more friendly to the environment we use the off cuts from large cotton producers that would have otherwise been incinerated. This really makes them a must have product for anyone conscious about their carbon footprint!
Where to buy?

You can get your hands on our Unpaper Towels Here
Or in our new ‘All-Natural Pack