Keep Fresh Pack is Here!

We are pleased to have launched our Keep Fresh Pack!

This pack is our biggest and best one yet!

In it you get one of every size of our amazing Beeswax or vegan Rice Bran wax. That means your getting a 50cm x 50cm Bread Wrap, 33cm x 33cm Large Wrap, 25cm x 25cm Medium Wrap & a 20cm x 20cm Small Wrap. These wraps are brilliant for keeping your food fresher for longer. The reason for this is because we use 100% cotton they let your food breath. Our wraps are coated in local Scottish Beeswax from Perth. We also offer a vegan Rice Bran wax option which is great for vegans to lower their plastic usage. Our wraps are handmade in Scotland & delivered all over the world.

The pack also has a set of our Unpaper Towels. These towels are the perfect reusable replacement to kitchen roll. They are 25cm x 25cm making them an excellent size for your hands. Our Unpaper Towels are 100% cotton and handmade in the UK. What makes them so great is they are made from off cuts of fabric which would of otherwise been incinerated. They are machine washable and have various lovely patterns.

Then we have our Wrap Scrubbies these are a fantastic way to stop using sponges which contain plastic and best of all when they get dirty you can just pop them in the wash to give them a refresh!

Our Wrap Scrubbies are 100% natural & handmade in the UK. They have a cotton top which features a lovely pattern and then a rough jute bottom to help get rid of those tough bits left on your dishes.

This pack has been made to help families kick start their transition to a reduced plastic and single use lifestyle. Best of all you get to make a 25% saving on what it would cost if you bought them individually. The RRP for all this is £50 but it can all be yours for £37.50!

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