Where does our beeswax come from?

When purchasing wraps, you may see many descriptions telling you that they are made in the UK. However, they don’t give too many details on the ingredients and where they come from. We always try to be as open as possible about our suppliers and where we get our fantastic ingredients from.


In this post, we will be focusing on where we get our beeswax which makes is used to make our fantastic beeswax wraps. We try to keep the ingredients as local as possible. Therefore, we have always used Scottish beeswax. The benefit to this is that we can tell just how high quality and fresh the beeswax is.

Our beeswax comes from Heather Hills in Perth. We use a single supplier for our beeswax as it helps to keep the look of the wraps closer together. As beeswax is a natural ingredient it means that depending on the pollen collected from the bees you can end up with different colours of beeswax.


Getting beeswax from a single supplier helps minimise the difference between each batch. Beeswax is in fact a by-product of beekeeping and the wax that gets used in our wraps is wax that could no longer be used by the bees meaning that it doesn’t take anything away from them or harm the hive.


When the wax arrives it comes in one big block which you can see below:


It is then broken up by our waxers (they love to work off some stress when doing it)


Once it is broken into smaller bits it is then put into our unique mixture which also includes pine resin and jojoba oil. Once these ingredients have melted and blended, they are then ready to be used to make our brilliant wraps & waxed bags.