Why Do We Still Hand Wax Our Wraps?


When we started making our beeswax wraps back in 2018, we hand waxed all of them. We continue to use this method as we have found it gives the best quality wraps. We have seen many ways of making beeswax wraps through our journey which are quicker, having tried many of these methods. We always found ourselves back at our tried-and-true method as we believe in quality over quantity.

What we found with the method that we continue to use is that the waxed wraps have a better-quality finish than when they are bulk made. The reason for this is that when you hand wax wraps it allows you to work the wax mixture into the fabric. This allows us to not only make sure that there is full coverage but that the wax has also been absorbed into the fabric giving it a better tackier finish.

Another benefit to our method is quality control as each wrap is waxed individually it allows us to check each one after waxing to make sure it is up to our premium standards.


Our ethos has always been to offer quality products at affordable pricing. Therefore, we use the democratic design model. Something we are happy to be a part of.