Why Do We Use Jojoba Oil In Our Wrap Mixture?


You may have seen that our ingredients include something called Jojoba Oil. You may have wondered what this is and how it works in our wraps?


Well, when we first began making our wonderful wraps, we used coconut oil. The reason why oil is added to the mixture is to make the wraps more malleable. If this wasn’t done the wraps would be much harder to work with. Wrapping up your sandwiches would be much harder.


The reason we switched away from coconut oil is that in our strive for perfection when doing tests with the Jojoba Oil we noticed that the wraps were tackier. This made them easier to work with and create a seal.


After these tests, the recipe was changed, and Jojoba Oil was added. We get all our Jojoba Oil from a reputable UK supplier. The oil itself is extracted from the seeds of the jojoba bush, native to desert regions of northern America. One of the reasons that Jojoba Oil may have worked better is because it is more a wax (54%) than it is an oil.


We always work to make sure that our recipe is the best it can be. This is why we listen to all feedback given to us.