Why do you need our waxed food bags?

When we first thought of making waxed food bags, we knew it was going to be a difficult task that would take a lot of tweaking to get them just right. We are lucky to have such a great team that includes both skilled waxers and seamstresses. This allowed us to test a few ideas and see which one worked best.


Once we got a functioning waxed bag it was time to make it look as best as possible therefore, we made sure that all the edges were finished properly this allows the opening to be closed and twisted over. Doing this creates a seal that will keep your sandwich, snack, baguette, or bread secure and most importantly fresh.


We perfected the sizes for the different bags. Then we had to make our new designs fit with the bags.

As we print, sew, and then hand wax all our bags it allows us to offer the best bags possible to our customers.


The benefits of using our bags are that they can be used quickly to store your lunch or bread. They create a seal easily. They are easy to transport and store when on the go.


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