Why our ‘All-Natural Pack’ is just what the Dr ordered

You may be aware that last week we launched our new product the ‘All-Natural Pack’.

This features a Sandwich & Snack Pack of wraps which contains one large wrap and one small wrap. They are available in a selection of different patterns and your choice of Beeswax or our vegan friendly Rice Bran Wax.

You also get a pack of 6 Unpaper towels & a pack of 2 Wrap Scrubbies.

What makes this pack so amazing? Well…

…All the products mentioned above are made by hand in Scotland. We only use all-natural products to make them such as Cotton, Beeswax or Rice Bran Wax, Jojoba oil & Pine Resin.

They are all plastic free and reusable which is just what you need to kick start your eco-friendly living.

Our Beeswax or Rice Bran Food wraps are a great natural way to keep your food fresh. We offer a huge variety of patterns to make your lunch and snacks more colourful. Our large wraps are 33cm x 33cm with the small wraps being 20cm x 18cm. They are made by hand in Scotland using locally sourced Beeswax or our vegan friendly Rice Bran Wax, Pine Resin & Jojoba oil. We started our natural food wraps to help the planet and kick yucky cling film to the curb. According to the telegraph in 2011 we used over 1.2 billion meter of cling film in the UK alone. Therefore, we need to make the switch today.

Our Unpaper towels are a needed product in todays market according to Statista the UK used over 1.1 million tons of tissue paper in 2016 and it continued its growth in 2017. The other issue that we have is many people think that dirty kitchen roll is still recyclable this is not the case according to ‘This is Eco’ kitchen towels and tissue paper don’t tend to be recyclable along with other items such as Take-away Coffee Cups, Books & Wrapping paper. This is the reason our Unpaper Towels were created. We also use spare fabric from our suppliers which would have otherwise been incinerated to make them. We took this option to help reduce waste even further.

The Wrap Scrubbies that come in the pack are great alternative to sponges. They are made using the off cuts of cotton from our wraps. This gives them a lovely pattern which is sewn on to a jute base for that extra scrubbing power. They are machine washable and are 11cm x 9cm.

The other thing that makes this pack a must have is the price with all these items usually costing just under £30 the £22.99 price tag makes it a steal.

Make the switch to an eco-friendlier lifestyle today and feel smug!