Why We Have Switched to Ecosia

First let me start by telling you about Ecosia if you have not heard of it. Ecosia is a web browser which is an extension on Google Chrome. You can also get the app on both the Google Play Store and Apples App Store. The basis for Ecosia is an Eco-Friendly search engine that uses its profits from Ads to help plant much needed trees.

If we can get as many people using this app and extension as possible just think of the changes we can make.

Now that you know the basics lets get into the other great reasons to make the switch to Ecosia:

Completely Transparent: Ecosia are transparent when it comes to how they spend their money monthly. You can even dig deeper and see where they used their revenue this month on which projects it went to.

CO² Neutral: Ecosia have created their own solar plants which now allows them to run all their serves on 100% renewable energy. Thanks to this it means not only does using them mean you will not be adding CO² to the air you will also be taking it away as your searches will help to plant CO² absorbing trees.

Privacy Friendly: Privacy has become a huge issue when we talk about applications and web browsing. Therefore, another great reason for making the switch is that they do not permanently store your searches. They also do not create a profile for you they anonymise all searches within one week. They do not sell your data either which is nice to hear these days. You can also choose not to be tracked at all!


So far after making the switch for just over a week we have to say it has been enjoyable. Searches aren’t slow, nor the loading of sites. However, the results are different from google so you may find this difficult to get used to.


We are going to keep using it and encourage everyone to make the switch today!


To Ecosia from one eco-friendly company to another we applaud your hard work to help our lovely planet.