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Beeswax Bread Bag

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Looking for a quick and easy way to keep your bread & loaves nice and fresh? 

Our new beeswax bread bags are just what you need. They are lovingly handmade by our talented production staff. As we handle the whole process from printing & sewing to waxing it means we can offer our beeswax bread storage bags in all of our fantastic designs.

We use the same wax mixture which goes on our fantastic beeswax wraps. This special mixture is made using Scottish beeswax, pine resin & jojoba oil.


Our beeswax loaf bags will last for around 1 year depending on use. However, they can be given a freshen up using our beeswax refresher kit.


This waxed bag is a great investment or gift for any home baker looking for a way to keep there bread or other baked goods nice and fresh without putting them in plastic tubs or bags.


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Customer Reviews

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Pauline Gilmour
Saves me so much waste

I've had a bread bag for a couple of months now and I wouldn't be without it. My family always has uncut bread and since using the bread bag I haven't had to throw any stale bread out at all. It's quick and easy to wash too. The bread wrap I had before this is now used for croissants and the like. Great products all round.