Join Our Home Seller Team

Ever wanted to start your own zero waste business but didn’t know where to start? Natural Wraps is now offering a turnkey business opportunity for you to get involved in the brave new plastic-free world industry


  • You will make 20-25% commission on all sales
  • No stock to buy
  • No start-up fee
  • Be part of the rapidly growing plastic-free alternatives industry
  • Work the hours YOU want to
  • No ‘Bricks and Mortar’ shop overheads - work direct from home
  • Help friends and family move away from plastic, while earning a wage
  • No targets, no monthly fees, no pressure



You can sign up FREE on our affiliate programme by emailing:

You'll get 20-25% commission on ALL sales that come via you. 

All you need to do id fill in an order sheet and send it to

you will then be sent a payment link and pay a discounted rate for the order meaning there is no delay in your commision. 

If you're interested in selling our products face-to-face, we've put together sample packs at a reduced price. This is available to affiliates only

Looking to get one of out sample packs?

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