Branded Beeswax Wraps

We are the number one company for fully branded waxed cotton beeswax or vegan friendly rice bran wax wraps in the UK.

Using digital printing, Natural Wraps are able to offer our clients a fully customisable product or eco-friendly promotional gift. Handmade in the UK from 100% cotton and coated in Scottish beeswax (or vegan-friendly rice bran wax) pine resin and Jojoba oil.

If you don't have a design we can make one to your specifications.

The packing slip is also fully customisable to your needs.

Our branded wraps are available in:
Bread Wraps - 50cm x 50cm
Large Wraps - 33cm x 33cm
Medium Wraps - 25cm x 25cm
Small Wraps - 20cm x 18cm


Looking for a specific pack or want your own size of wrap? 

Contact us at: or call us on 01294 463678 or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Case Studies

Watch our video to see the process