Wraps For Schools



 As you may know, schools across the UK are being encouraged to stop using single-use plastics by 2022. 

Natural Wraps offer Schools, Governors, parents and pupils a solution to using less cling film for packed lunches

Natural Wraps make either Beeswax or Vegan-friendly Rice Bran wax food wraps made from pure cotton. They are fully reusable and will last over a year.



We'll offer Parents/Guardians of your Pupil's a 10% discount on all wraps (Free delivery in the UK) and donate that 10% to school funds for every parent that buys a pack from us!

There is no stock for you to hold, we would handle all fulfilment of the orders and post direct to the Parent. All we would ask is to be able to promote the wraps via Posters or through Social Media. 

If this is something your school would be interested in, please get in touch via the form below.