Wypeez™ wipes - 60 Reusable Eco Baby Wipes - Includes Storage & Wash Bag
Wypeez™ wipes - 60 Reusable Eco Baby Wipes - Includes Storage & Wash Bag
Wypeez™ wipes - 60 Reusable Eco Baby Wipes - Includes Storage & Wash Bag
Wypeez™ wipes - 60 Reusable Eco Baby Wipes - Includes Storage & Wash Bag
Wypeez™ wipes - 60 Reusable Eco Baby Wipes - Includes Storage & Wash Bag
Wypeez™ wipes - 60 Reusable Eco Baby Wipes - Includes Storage & Wash Bag

Wypeez™ wipes - 60 Reusable Eco Baby Wipes - Includes Storage & Wash Bag

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Care for your baby – Care for your purse – Care for the planet


Wypeez wipes are a wonderful skin-friendly, eco-friendly, and economical way to clean your baby or toddler!

Every part of Wypeez is washable, compostable, and designed to last for at least 6 months (1). 

The wipes themselves are a generous 18cm by 12cm and are made from 100% unbleached soft cotton fabric which will feel soft and gentle on your baby even after multiple washes.

A generous 60 wipes are provided which should keep you going for around 3 days.

The Wypees wipes come to you dry to allow you to decide which solution you wish to use with which to moisten them. Simply take the wipes out of the wax bag (do not unfasten the string!), dip them into the solution you have prepared, press down several times in order to let the solution reach every wipe, squeeze out the excess solution and replace the moistened wipes into the waxed bag. You can then cut the string holding the wipes together.

After cleaning your baby with the moistened Wypeez wipe simply wash, dry and it’s ready to reuse over again.

The Wypees wipes are also completely compostable when you are finally finished with them.

If any wipes get particularly dirty, we advise putting any solids down the toilet 💩🤢 and rinsing the wipe before putting them in the washing machine.

Laundering recommendations:

Your wipes should always be laundered within the net bag to ensure their longevity.

Wash at 30 Celsius with antibacterial solutions or powders added to the wash load.

Line dry or tumble dry

Do not use a fabric conditioner as this will reduce the absorbability of the wipes.

Your wipes may become a little stained over time, but this will not affect their cleanliness or function if our recommendations are followed.

Put your Wash Bag with used Wypeez wipes into the washing machine and launder them all together. It’s easier for the wipes to dry in the tumble drier if they are removed from the Wash Bag first and when line drying, peg the wipes out individually.


The Wypeez bag is also completely compostable and will last you at least 1 year – if not longer.

It is made from 100% cotton and coated with a mixture of beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil.

It can be washed by hand in cold water with a little washing-up liquid, rinsed with cold water then line dried.

Please keep the waxed wipe storage bag away from heat sources as this will affect the bag’s coating.


This is made from all-natural fabric and is also 100% compostable.


No additives or chemicals.

Use within 2 weeks of adding water/solution.

These are not toys so don’t give these to your child to play with.

Allow shrinkage of up to 6% in the Wypeez wipes.

Save at least 50% on the cost of disposable wipes over a 6-month period.

Customer Reviews

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Very pleased with your product! Very easy to use, great way to cut down on our carbon footprint and baby boy seems to like them! Have recommended them to all our friends. Great way to save money and help the environment!!

Brilliant for more than baby behinds!

Just got my pack of wypeez and I’m over the moon! The storage bag is great, really easy to open and close one handed which is very handy! Just back from a camping trip and found they were brilliant for having kicking around and wiping faces and fingers too. Super soft wipes, and the instructions were very clear and easy to follow on how to get the wipes ready to use. Am just about to give them a wash, but judging by how great they are so far, I am excited to see how they come out.
Can’t recommend this enough! The bag is a good size without taking up too much room, and I love how it is so easy to seal and open with one hand! Great way to reduce single use wipes and saving money in the long run too!
I think I’ve found my new favourite reusable product, and urge everyone to give them a try, so handy!

Love this product

These are perfect as the new law is trying to ban wipes as they are a hazard and not good for the environment. This product is totally reusable and biodegradable.
you can add your own fragrance or just use water so you know what is being used on your child for ...instance if they have sensitive skin ect I'd use sensitive baby bath and a little bit of water soak them and then I'm ready too go.
This product is a godsend for mother's as wipes are expensive and non-reusable and I find they cause a lot of nappy rash and not good for the environment.